Tuesday, April 3, 2007

April 3, Today is the deadline for the 2.o learning project. I am still in week 6-taggin and folksonomies. I can get the prize. Still I am happy of joining the group. Thanks to all members in the Virtual Services Task Force Team. Also I would like to thank to whoever introducted such interest learning program for us. You all should get a lot of appluses and big money prize- salary increase.

March 26, I am a virsual person. Pictures and images are more easy for me to remember and recognize, I played around with an online image and created a image - green clover. Let's see if I can post it here.
March 23, I created my Blogline account and feed many public web sites there. When I reviewed them, I learned that only the web that keep receiving new data or information is worthy to feed into the Blogline. Like the dictionary.com is no meaningful to put into the blogline.
Thanks for the workshop given to learner on March 21, 2007. April helps me to clear some problems on my blog on that day. Thank you- April. I stay over an hour and got a key chain from a public library staff, What a nice way to encourage learner. Thank you. The most helpful information is that yellow sheet. It gives me a better clear picture of what the whole program is about and which stage I am staying right now.
I created my blogline account on Feb. 12, 2007. Since It needs for the Blogline to act my account, the next time for me to access the account is already inMarch. That does not mean they did not replay me right away. Just I could not remember what it's for and how to lock in. I was confused ablout the ID and password.

I created a movie poster from this flicker site. The title is "Go Getter" The publisher company is Friday Girl. I am planning to link it on my blog. Let's watch the move tonight.

Friday, March 23, 2007

fd's Flicker Toys

Your friend Janice MAo (jpmao@sjsu.edu) sent you a postcard they made at bighugelabs.com.
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